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Updating reality…

This is EVIM’s motto and philosophy, is more than just a phrase. The two words express the main idea of what we do at EVIM: things are never can be leaved as they are, all over the world.

The infrastructure is that home and that native environment for every modern human living now and no one can survive without it saving the same level of one’s life quality. The infrastructure is that which provides us with ability to realize and increase our potential, to act and produce, live longer and healthier life, being interconnected with social and economic ties, creating new ideas and value.

With its static and active components it creates a framework and an engine for the development, for everyone, from each individual to communities, from nations to global society.

The infrastructure, with its buildings, energy, mobility, public spaces and equipment, services and supply chain, communications, access to knowledge and information, is that, what is created and improved by culture of mankind, layer by layer, year by year, for ages and millenniums. There’s no civilization of humanity without. The infrastructure is the product of unique ability of human beings to build what they need and to change the reality with own brains and hands, interacting with other ones.

It’s too harmful, expensive and sad to allow old problems still remain, it’s too impossible to live things as they are, and too dangerous for to create new ones. It’s too foolish to ignore and not implement current opportunities achieved nowadays and too necessary to accelerate and spread every new best practice and opportunity. It’s too old fashioned not to cooperate in the amazing age where a good connection saves years to get the aim for better longer life. Nothing can be done by idea only, the attitude, activity and cooperation are necessary.

The Planet is one, the atmosphere and the sea are too, and there is no a place that doesn’t matter. If someone does wrong or remains indifferent, each one is affected. Everyone’s involved and connected. That’s why every effort has sense, every real action to improve creates positive impact, building new cultural layer free from many of rudimental issues. The strength of mankind is to do new things together and it gives the hope to get main global issues and threats tackled.

The motto is now published on the official webpage of EVIM International Development Project and completely represents its mission, vision and values.

How culture is changing reality

Culture is changing attitude, attitude is changing action, action is changing material reality.

It is also about empathy and culture of care. It’s about absence of indifference…

It is also about empathy and culture of care. It’s about absence of indifference. It is so international and is understandable for everyone. The problem all over the world the one: person is trying to simplify it’s life training itself to standing alone of other people’s problems, even it’s parents, spouse or children and at least stopping caring of itself. Why? Because generation by generation is trained to be in fact mentally lazy (being deficient of positive vision, motivation and good will) and justifying indifference through a seemed impossibility to change at least something, which can be used to justify anything. The better life quality (no matter a country or sights) is in refusal of household inaction and the beginning of simple steps to improve their own lives and the lives of family and closest people, starting from a toilet repair and planting of flowers in front of a house to self-education and the obtaining of new skills. To be a little happier, one need only banish the laziness one´s life. At first the laziness to think.

Traffic Code 3D Framework

Dear friends, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Maybe I’m publishing something surprising.

Development of batteries and electric drive technologies really enables means of transport to be empowered with renewable energy sources. This year also first time the renewable energy generating facilities became cheaper in their establishment than traditional ones. It is accelerating new mobility as never again and opens next layer of opportunities for automotive and aircraft applied developments that were only dreams for a number of generations before. It seems that first usable flying cars are not so far in future (yes, I am talking about flying cars… 😉 ). Let’s make their usage safe from the start.

Here I am publishing the few viewpoints may be used as the basic guidelines for new 3D traffic rules will be developed:

  1. upper layers of traffic have higher speed limits than lower ones
  2. a vehicle that reduces the height of the flight has priority over moving underneath after warning by special lights
  3. two flashing lights should be installed in upper and bottom surface to indicate the direction of change height
  4. unauthorized landing in unequipped locations and roofs is prohibited
  5. boarding of passengers from the upper floors of buildings in the vehicle hovering and does not landing at a duly equipped location is prohibited

It’s just a beginning and really doesn’t contains everything should be prescribed, as like communication with other „drivers”, functions of a traffic controller and a common coordinating digital system.

I invite everyone and especially experts experienced to air and land transport safety to propose, comment and discuss.

Have the amazing 2017!!!

From just a care of environment to the climate change awareness

It seems that everyone cares of environment. These things are widely demonstrated by almost everyone from broad range of activities of public institutions, NGOs and international organizations, to growing popularity of organic products and waste reduction among people, and huge amount of talks around global warming.

I’m writing it in a way right like this just because people are still mixing all of this things, creating myths one by one. It seems that simple understanding of circulation of warmth and gases on the planet is remaining something difficult for understanding of the larger part of homo sapiens’ society.


The most weird is to watch this problem exists independently of one’s education and life experience, geography and life quality level. Regularly, some strange posts and interviews appears with statements the problem is very far and sometimes unproven. And still actions applied remain like a drop in the sea to return circulative processes on the planet to relatively normal conditions. Some optimism comes from each new report from each progressive project done. But, whether only enthusiasts are enough to make things become OK? Or at least everyone needs to be involved in?.. Let’s see…