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How to avoid a global crisis of synthetic materials deficit


The value of oil as a source for chemical industry is underestimated. There are still no an equal and complete substitute for it among renewable sources. Continuing burning oil as a fuel is a bad idea and a danger for global economy, considering the future of a possible crisis from the deficit of oil as a resource for synthetic materials manufacturing.

The scale of possible losses is completely necessary to be defined.

To prevent or particularly reduce it, the businesses and national governments of the world together need act together developing new regulations prohibiting use of oil for energy and transport and immediately providing financing for research of new resources to provide manufacturers of materials with an alternative till at least 2030.

Як уникнути глобальної кризи дефіциту синтетичних матеріалів


Значення нафти як джерела для хімічної промисловості недооцінюється. До цих пір немає еквівалентної та повної її заміни серед поновлюваних джерел. Продовження спалювання нафти як палива є поганою ідеєю та небезпекою для світової економіки, розглядаючи майбутнє можливої кризи дефіциту нафти як ресурсу для виробництва синтетичних матеріалів.

Масштаби можливих втрат абсолютно необхідно визначити.

Щоб запобігти або частково пом’якшити це, підприємства та національні уряди світу разом повинні спільно працювати над розробленням нових правил, що забороняють використання нафти для енергії та транспорту, та негайно провадити фінансування для дослідження нових ресурсів, щоб забезпечити виробників матеріалів альтернативою, принаймні до 2030.

Climate change has no difference of a country you live

Climate change is a strange thing pushing everyone to care what’s going on another side of the planet, even, if one has no care of. When you are not emitting excessive amounts of carbon, it is not a guarantee that you or your beloved ones will not be injured with consequences of behaviour of someone foolish keeping doing that. To get on a safe side, we need to get there together. To get together, we need to (more…)


Productivity is something about doing things faster and better than before…

Thoughts from Kyiv International Economic Forum

Updating reality…

This is EVIM’s motto and philosophy, is more than just a phrase. The two words express the main idea of what we do at EVIM: things are never can be leaved as they are, all over the world.

The infrastructure is that home and that native environment for every modern human living now and no one can survive without it saving the same level of one’s life quality. The infrastructure is that which provides us with ability to realize and increase our potential, to act and produce, live longer and healthier life, being interconnected with social and economic ties, creating new ideas and value.

With its (more…)

How culture is changing reality

Culture is changing attitude, attitude is changing action, action is changing material reality.

It is also about empathy and culture of care. It’s about absence of indifference…

It is also about empathy and culture of care. It’s about absence of indifference. It is so international and is understandable for everyone. The problem all over the world the one: person is (more…)

Traffic Code 3D Framework

Dear friends, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Maybe I’m publishing something surprising. (more…)

From just a care of environment to the climate change awareness

It seems that everyone cares of environment. These things are widely demonstrated by almost everyone from broad range of activities of public institutions, NGOs and international organizations, to growing (more…)