About Denis

%d0%b4%d0%b5%d0%bd%d0%b8%d1%81-%d1%80%d0%b0%d0%b4%d1%8e%d0%ba-e1467297694183Denis Radiuk is a Ukrainian international entrepreneur in innovation, consulting, scientific and creative industries areas, a founder of “Green Clinic” Scientific Research Center, an independent international journalist, sustainable development and culture activist. He is an expert in biodiversity, sustainability and project management advising on their points of connection to industry, culture, policy, city, architecture, transport and infrastructure.

He has founded and is running few innovative businesses and social initiatives mainly concentrated on sustainable development and life science, culture and creative industries fields.

Denis Radiuk is creating author’s discussion formats in field of sustainability and also is a founder of the EVIM (the Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Meeting) – a development international project joining together the electric transport, renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure for common growth.

Innovations and development of the best practices is his way of life and daily work. Developing his businesses which are helping companies in life sciences and sustainability, creative and ICT industries, he is implementing the most recent products coming from the newest scientific results into the market and concentrates his main efforts on ensuring the practice of promotion and introduction culture of sustainable way of life into the infrastructure projects and the regular business practice.

Coming to the sustainable development industries from the life sciences sector, he has been become an unique expert providing effective advice and solutions in fields of human-environment-infrastructure interaction, nature integrated development and construction, ecosystem planning, applied plant growing environmental solutions and ecosystem plant pathology, food and environmental safety. 12341143_452161958314685_1005925313729629711_n

Denis is emphasizing that an ecosystem approach is a scientific and developer’s instrument which makes possible detection, analysis and successful resolving for many of key issues in ways which were previously unavailable. He finds new prospects of improvement in numerous areas and points of attention, like zero emission and circular economy, sustainable infrastructure and accessible cities for everyone, human life quality and cultural activity, renewal of bio-resources, improvement of biodiversity and environment.

Continuing his professional and personal interest, as also an experience in his daily activity, Denis Radiuk are initiating, supporting, or consulting of several programs for improvement the essential sides of sustainable development: life saving, food and water safety, accessibility and attractiveness of education and culture, human environment infrastructure architecture, quality of life, climate change and care of environment.

Denis currently is the Board Chairman and CEO at GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ (Estonia) and the president of “Green Clinic” Scientific Research Center (Ukraine) – private research and advisory initiatives operating in the sectors of life sciences, sustainable development, ICT and organization of international industrial events.

I was born and grew up in Ukraine in the multicultural family where any progressive thinking and new beginnings were embraced, supported and kindly inspired. During this early time, I had the amazing opportunities for self-studying in field of natural and creative sciences. Read more…

During all of his career he has got a lot of significant opportunities to see, discover and explore the number of issues, needs and forgotten essential things in few fields of study of human life support and environmental resources unfairly considered as unimportant before. His public, social, cultural, educational and public science activity is directed towards meeting the challenges and solving issues.