From just a care of environment to the climate change awareness

It seems that everyone cares of environment. These things are widely demonstrated by almost everyone from broad range of activities of public institutions, NGOs and international organizations, to growing popularity of organic products and waste reduction among people, and huge amount of talks around global warming.

I’m writing it in a way right like this just because people are still mixing all of this things, creating myths one by one. It seems that simple understanding of circulation of warmth and gases on the planet is remaining something difficult for understanding of the larger part of homo sapiens’ society.


The most weird is to watch this problem exists independently of one’s education and life experience, geography and life quality level. Regularly, some strange posts and interviews appears with statements the problem is very far and sometimes unproven. And still actions applied remain like a drop in the sea to return circulative processes on the planet to relatively normal conditions. Some optimism comes from each new report from each progressive project done. But, whether only enthusiasts are enough to make things become OK? Or at least everyone needs to be involved in?.. Let’s see…