Traffic Code 3D Framework

Dear friends, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Maybe I’m publishing something surprising.

Development of batteries and electric drive technologies really enables means of transport to be empowered with renewable energy sources. This year also first time the renewable energy generating facilities became cheaper in their establishment than traditional ones. It is accelerating new mobility as never again and opens next layer of opportunities for automotive and aircraft applied developments that were only dreams for a number of generations before. It seems that first usable flying cars are not so far in future (yes, I am talking about flying cars… 😉 ). Let’s make their usage safe from the start.

Here I am publishing the few viewpoints may be used as the basic guidelines for new 3D traffic rules will be developed:

  1. upper layers of traffic have higher speed limits than lower ones
  2. a vehicle that reduces the height of the flight has priority over moving underneath after warning by special lights
  3. two flashing lights should be installed in upper and bottom surface to indicate the direction of change height
  4. unauthorized landing in unequipped locations and roofs is prohibited
  5. boarding of passengers from the upper floors of buildings in the vehicle hovering and does not landing at a duly equipped location is prohibited

It’s just a beginning and really doesn’t contains everything should be prescribed, as like communication with other „drivers”, functions of a traffic controller and a common coordinating digital system.

I invite everyone and especially experts experienced to air and land transport safety to propose, comment and discuss.

Have the amazing 2017!!!