Climate change has no difference of a country you live

Climate change is a strange thing pushing everyone to care what’s going on another side of the planet, even, if one has no care of. When you are not emitting excessive amounts of carbon, it is not a guarantee that you or your beloved ones will not be injured with consequences of behaviour of someone foolish keeping doing that. To get on a safe side, we need to get there together. To get together, we need to educate and convince, and it’s not hard to do that and it’s not a time wasting for a person. At least, along with reduced carbon emissions, we are usually getting cleaner air, free from fume, microdust and toxic substances, which is directly better for health, without waiting for climate change resolution itself. Being conscious human we are getting benefits at once. It just requires us to set better standards and do not give up in getting them as a usual practice.

It seems I’ve just finally said about it with the simple words.