Brief Autobiography

I was born and grew up in Ukraine in the multicultural family where any progressive creative thinking and new beginnings were embraced, supported and kindly inspired. During this early time, I had the amazing opportunities for self-studying in field of life sciences and creative arts. I was discovering new effective ways of growing different species of plants for solving practical issues in various areas, searching for the missing links between separately known natural processes, creating and adapting new production methods, learning and practicing in management and correct handling with resources, and much other. Working in a family business from my early years has brought to me at those early times the great experience in communication and management which maybe ever else with any another way would be impossible to get.

In 2003, being interested in sustainable development and ecosystem researches for a long time before, I was consciously dropped out from my university in Kyiv, where was studying international economic relations, to begin creating the first at that time in Ukraine private scientific research center fully concentrated on plant ecosystems and ecosystem approach as a main instrument for creation of effective applied solutions – the “Green Clinic” Project, which was providing an activity in several fields as of plants health, including health of agriculture crops, ornamental plants and suburban forests, and also on emerging critical issues of human ecology. The ecosystem principles were successfully widely input into horticulture and landscaping industries to get improved results in undiscovered situations which didn’t have standard solutions yet. The achievements of the Project since that time have given a mass of useful and positive things in Ukrainian plant protection practice, and have made a great positive impact on formation of Ukrainian professional phytopathological community, development of applied research and establishment of plant protection consulting businesses in the country.

In parallel, some projects in media, agriculture, horticulture, law, as also social initiatives were started and closed or were realized and have get working bringing their fruitful results. That’s everything also helped me as a great “sand box” and had a significant matter for future achievements.

Further, the Project’s team, joining the awesome scientists and professionals which were cooperating with “Green Clinic” Scientific Research Center, covering the most undiscovered areas in plant pathology and geobotany, soil science and agricultural chemistry, so a competent and unusual thinking team was created. Great time was spent by me at the creating and developing the Center and all of its projects, as also communication and fruitful cooperation with the inspired successful professionals and just good people is a great pleasure for me. It was a beginning of GC’s outstanding ability to solve the most complicated practical problems in forestry, decorative plant growing and that time just beginning sector in Ukraine as organic agriculture, and also in area of human ecology in a respond to demand of the people to be able to control their own environment and know what they eat and drink.

Now I am running my Estonian business GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ which is aimed to become a global headquarter for the network, specialized on the research, development and management of projects in biodiversity, sustainability and digital solutions.

Now, I am continuing to develop several interesting projects. And friends, yes, I don’t have so much time to finish this article till it becomes up to date 🙂