“Green Clinic” Scientific Research Center

the initiative in sustainability and biodiversity researches has become a leading expert in several areas of applied solutions, based in Ukraine

GreenClinic LifeScience

an international research, consulting, project management, distribution and outsourcing company, completely dedicated to life science and sustainability, cleantech and biodiversity, based in Estonia


an international development project joining together the mobility, renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure and accessibility

EVIM is supporting sustainable development and climate change resolution through the holistic and comprehensive improvement of infrastructure system. EVIM is strongly confirming its reputation as a phenomena which is exponentially creating new value in sustainable development sector, connecting and enabling new opportunities through cooperation, innovations and investments.

ZM150 Life Project

a world brainstorming action to resolve the global problem of critically low modern longevity rate for all the people.


a digital service for plant disease detection and definition

Green Clinic: Private Phytopathology Consultation

a contract research and consulting service on ecosystem plant pathology


Smart and Sustainable infrastructure Development Day

a continuous development program and a program of connected roundtables dedicated to the human centered and environmental friendly sustainable development of city infrastructure and economy that stimulates individuals to create and succeed


Global Waste Innovations Forum, a permanent action for resolution of a global waste problem through the global scale dialogue on innovations