New post since a while, coming back again :-)

Becoming myself again is an interesting experience 🙂 Too slow, but it moves forward 🙂 Everyone who likes / loves me as I am, just meet me again,  I am back 🙂 Sure, everything is about philosophy, and harmony inside, nothing’s from the real world around us 🌍🎻

And people, yes, if you want:
– to be yourself, getting your own happiness from the every moment and breath of your life,
– to save everything and everyone you love and appreciate in your life,
Then, please:
– work smart, don’t mind the overloads, yes, sometimes it’s hard,
– sleep enough everyday with NO exceptions, getting to your bed not later than 10.30,
– leave any stress away of your families and couples,
– remember, that you are blessed anyway, just because you live and have close people nearby, and even if not, you are,
– remember that everything you are and everything you have is more than you’ll have if you will not appreciate all you have,
– just be yourself, just give, live full life and not expect something instead,
– do art, not emotions,
– know, things are simpler than you think,
– smile anyway, no matter what someone says or does, just smile

That’s the main lesson I have taken from my life this spring, summer and autumn. Do your own ones, but you have my ones to avoid 🙂 And yes, I’m just learning to sleep enough, successfully, I have too much lost from it, no more and never again.